2019...Are you ready to embrace it?

Saturday, 12 January 2019

(a simple painting I did last winter)

The past couple of weeks have been rough. The flu has left me 2 weeks without sleep and have taken all of my energy. I thought I had avoided getting sick at all in 2018 and then life thought, nah, better throw it at her before the year ends. And it has been a never ending flu. Just when I think i'm getting a good day I wake up the next day feeling even worst. 

Anyways, moving past me complaining about the flu, let's talk about 2019.
It's a new year and although it's obviously not starting off great for me, i'm ready to embrace it and do my best to accomplish everything I want to achieve. This year will be all about motivation and inspiration for me. I want to focus on my creative side, the side that I usually keep half locked away, a creative mind imprisoned partially in a darkness. What I mean by that is I've let myself become lost over the past years. My inspiration had drained, my mind too heavy, I lost a big part of myself. I've always been a very creative and artsy person when I was young and then I grew up and I let things hold me back like my anxiety and fears. I kicked myself down and made myself believe that I was not good enough and there was no point to even try. And that makes me sad because I could have done so much more, I could have created so much more if I just pushed and believed in myself. I could have been very happy. 
This year i'm going to put everything I have into creating things that matter to me. I'm going to allow expression to lead the way. Art used to be a way for me to express a part of my soul, say the things I wanted to say or let different emotions out whether that be sadness or happiness. I never share things with people and never allow people to see me feeling anything but happiness, it's just something I've never been comfortable with. That's why art has always been a way for me to express those things because it's not to anyone in particular but as i'm drawing or creating something, I feel like that's my way of expressing parts of myself into the universe, allowing my heavy shoulders a chance to rest. I also found myself writing a lot recently, little poems and such and it feels good so I am also going to focus and writing more as well. 

2019 will not be about changing myself but embracing a part of me that already exist. 

What are your goals for 2019? 

- Kelsey xx


  1. I hope you're feeling better Kelsey! I didn't have the flu, but I had a cold and a sinus infection on my birthday/Christmas! Last month was rough for me too! I basically slept on my birthday/Christmas lol! Embracing who you are can be a beautiful thing! Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!

  2. I love the painting you did last winter!
    You are young, beautiful, very artistic, creative, intelligent, and very talented!
    Kudos on your goals of positivity and embracing your creative self.
    My goals for 2019 are to reduce clutter, get up the courage to make necessary phone calls, and take better care of myself.
    I hope you feel better and have a very healthy, successful and happy year 2019!


  3. Such a nice painting! I like how you are focusing on your creative side.


  4. Happy new year without flu and energy.
    I wish you can embrace yourself and discover new talents inside you.



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