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Tuesday 14 August 2018

Hey Guys!! How's summer going for ya? I'm excited to go home and see my family soon. The weather here has been wonderful. There have been tons of heat warnings so some days were a little too warm, but I didn't mind too much because it won't be long and it will be cold again so I'll enjoy the warm summer while it's here. Unfortunately, last month we had a forest fire and it was so close to my place that it was kind of scary. Everyone on my street had to evacuate. The forest is literally right behind my house so when I got out of school and my sister called me to tell me that everyone had to evacuate and she had to leave, it was a little scary. We couldn't even drive up to get her, neither could her boyfriend because the roads were blocked off. The fire started behind the street just before mine and the wind was blowing it in the direction towards my house. I was so worried. The house two houses away from mine almost caught fire, the bridge however, did catch fire and luckily the father of the person who lived there had just been allowed to enter the apartment to get her pets and that's when he noticed the fire on the back deck and luckily there was a firefighter close by and managed to put out the fire right away. If he hadn't been close by, or if that man hadn't been allowed to go retrieve his daughters pets, apparently, that house would have gone up in flames in seconds, and flames would have been shooting off in the whole neighbourhood. And the fact that my house was only two away and the wind was blowing in that direction, I wouldn't have had a home to come home to. And that's really scary. That was the only house hurt by the fire, fortunately. The funny thing was, I didn't even find it hot that day. There were hotter days. And I remember leaving that morning thinking it wasn't that warm, I had even left with a jacket. So, I wasn't definitely shocked. We've had hotter days since then and everything's been fine. Maybe the weather that day had been dry and because we hadn't had rain for a while which made the land dry. I honestly don't know. I'm just grateful everything turned out okay and I was allowed to go back home that night. 

Moving on, I'm wearing a very chill outfit in this post. Everything I am wearing is actually old pieces I pulled out of my wardrobe. I've had these pants for about two years but I still wear them to this day because they are easy to throw on and they go with most things because of it's denim appearance. They are also good to wear when it's warmer because it isn't tight to the skin or isn't a warm material. Always comfy in my opinion. This top, however, is even older. I have had it since I was probably 14. I bought it in the women's section, don't worry, so it still fits perfect. I haven't worn it very much. Honestly, I probably wore it maybe two or three times since I've owned it. But, I've always like it. It's not an everyday type of top for me. It just feels more special for some reason and I like to pull it out every once in a while and make it a statement because there's something about the colours that just stands out so much to me. 
The bag is newer. It's from Aldo, and I originally bought it just so I would have something big enough to fit my iPhone 7plus in when I don't have any pockets. It came with a shoulder strap as well which is how I usually wear it. But it's fun to wear the belt every once in a while and I thought this outfit was the perfect time to wear it like that. It adds to the laid back, comfortable look. It's cute, and I love the quilted look with the gold accents. There were other colours that were also nice (RED!) 

Funny story about this bag. I'm a very paranoid, anxious person so when I go anywhere I always check to make sure I have everything a million times. And when i'm leaving a public place I always constantly check to make sure I still have everything. Which is why I'm so confused how I managed to do something stupid. I had got on the bus one day and as usual I would check to make sure I had everything but when I got off the bus I managed to leave my purse on the seat! I also had another bag so it's not like I left empty handed. I went home and never even thought of it. When I enter my house I always look to make sure I have everything as well but I didn't this time. Maybe I assumed it was in my bag, I'm not sure. The only reason I don't know is because I didn't realize it was missing until the very next day. My sister asked to borrow something which was in my purse and I couldn't find it so I just ignored it thinking I layed it down somewhere and didn't want to search to hard for it. That night I started looking again and still couldn't figure out where I put it to. All the places where I might have put it around the house were void of any purse. That's when I started using my brain and trace back my steps and then it occurred to me that I might have left it on the bus. I felt so stupid and I was panicking very quietly on the inside. I was trying to convince myself that it didn't happen and tried searching around again hoping that I would find it even thought I'm searching in places i've already checked four times. I was thinking someone had definitely stolen it. I mean, it's been a whole day, I had left it there the day before, this was the next day, there was no way it was still around. Someone would have seen it on the seat and snatched it. I had cash in it as well which was quite stupid of me, I know. You should never go around with cash in your purse, I learned my lesson. There might have been about $200 in cash? So, I figured, yep for sure that's gone. The next day I called the bus's building just to be sure thinking maybe, just maybe someone would be kind enough to do the right thing. My sister denied it saying, "No, that's gone! Are you crazy? Someone took that, you can't trust people in here!" And I didn't want to believe it so we called the place and asked about the purse and the lady on the phone was saying, "yes there is a black purse here that fits that description" and then my hope grew larger. That joy of believing that things end up all right in the end no matter how bad things are in the beginning. Because no matter how many bad things happen to me, they always turn out right in the very end, so that's the hope I had held on to when initially calling the bus place. However, I did have it in my mind that the money was probably gone. Thinking someone might have just taken the money and gave the purse to the driver. Surprisingly, I actually wasn't too upset about that, I was just happy to have my purse back and everything else in it. But the lady on the phone was like "There's about $200 in cash" and my heart just exploded! If the wrong person had found that purse, I probably wouldn't still have it or at least lost $200. But, I was very lucky that an angel was the one to find it and had kindly given it to the driver. 
Just so you know, I didn't have any information in there so I don't have to worry that someone could have stolen my identity or something crazy like that. But how lucky was I? 
I have such bad luck with these kind of things and my other sister that I live with keeps telling me, "You really do have bad luck don't you?" because things like that keep happening to me and she definitely notices. But, like I said, it always turns out okay in the end and everything falls into place.
And because of that bad luck thing, my sister assumed that the forest fire and the possibility of losing our house was more bad luck on me. She literally prayed to God saying "I know Kelsey has really bad luck but don't you think she's had enough." I almost cried laughing when she told me that. She wasn't blaming God, she was just asking him to make everything better and save our home. 
But, anyways, I managed to have my purse back two days later and huge amount stress had been lifted off my shoulders.

Anyways, things are quite good right now. The weather is fine, i'm going home soon and i'm certainly enjoying this big bag of peanut m&m's that I have beside me. 
How has your summer been. Any interesting stories? Let me know in the comments.

Anyways, I think I've written enough for today so i'll leave you with a few fun edits I did this day. They are quite magical. We all wish to have a bit of magic don't we. Oh, how great life would be. But, we do find it in other ways and it unexpected places. So, I guess magic really is all around us, we just have to look for it and believe in it.

xx - Kelsey

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